CYGNVS Drives Value and Differentiation for Security Service Providers

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1. Drive revenue

Proactively deliver IR readiness services while waiting for the next incident to occur. 

2. Lower cost of delivery

Standardize deliverables and scale delivery capacity.  


3. Differentiate your capabilities

Expand your services into crisis management remediation.  


4. Retain clients

Innovate upon your services to add value and improve client retention. 


Onboarding to CYGNVS is easy

The CYGNVS customer care team will proactively work with you to help you get your stakeholders and clients onboarded. Click below to contact us and get started.



Partner with CYGNVS

Itโ€™s easy to partner with CYGNVS and start generating revenue. Hereโ€™s how the process works:

Step One

Complete the form to apply for CYGNVS partnership.

Step Two

We review your application within one week.

Step Three

Receive contract and invitation to our partner program.

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Our Industry Leading Partners

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Become a CYGNVS partner to help your clients survive a cyber crisis.