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What Customers Say About CYGNVS


CYGNVS : Winner of Enterprise Security Tech's Cyber Top 20 Awards 

Dan Trueman

Head of Global Cyber and Technology at AXIS


"When it comes to managing cyber threats, the interconnectedness of risk requires tight collaboration and communication among all parties in the cyber ecosystem. Our partnership with CYGNVS reflects our appetite to support innovation and expertise that strengthens the cyber insurance ecosystem and our ability to deliver a superior pre and post incident experience for our customers and partners."

Katherine Keefe

Managing Director, Cyber Incident Management at Marsh


"Time is of the essence when responding to a cyberattack. Criminals often enter networks and encrypt data, making it extremely challenging to access incident response plans and cyber insurance policies, which can hinder rapid cyber response. Marsh focuses on helping our clients prepare and respond to cyber incidents. Having a platform like CYGNVS to quickly access critical documents during a cyber crisis can mean the difference between success and failure."

Alex Taylor

Global Head of Emerging Technology at QBE


"Effective preparation for cyber attacks is as important as the ability to respond with speed and efficiency after they occur. CYGNVS is a key enabler of both, and essential to secure remediation and management of cyber events."


Rob Harford

Head of Security Response at Convex


"At Convex, we are constantly looking for ways to provide solutions to our clients’ most significant challenges. The Convex Crisis Management Hub offers our insureds a secure platform to connect, collaborate and respond, even when corporate networks might be down. It enables our clients to be more resilient and get back to business faster."

Perry Tsao

Vice President of Cyber Claims at Elpha Secure

CYG_Web_RaD_Elpha Secure

"CYGNVS gives us the ability to communicate and see claim status in a single platform, saving significant processing time and simplifying the tracking of important tasks. If something hasn’t been accomplished, I can easily see it and follow up within the platform – no more scrolling through email to locate the latest information to piece together where things stand. The ability to see the status of a claim and communicate with all key stakeholders efficiently is truly a game changer."