Empower Your Team to Prepare, Practice, Respond, and Report in a Cyber Crisis

CYGNVS arms your team with the tools they need to quickly detect and contain threats quickly, help reduce data loss, minimize damage, and restore operations. Select your role below to see how CYGNVS works for you.

Streamlined incident response for quick resolution 

CISOs and CIOs play a pivotal role in handling cyber risks. CYGNVS Command Center, designed with insights from top cyber insurance providers, offers solutions to expedite responses and minimize cyber incident impacts. It aids in planning and practicing for incidents, enhancing the entire response team's resilience, including executives and external stakeholders. CYGNVS ensures streamlined incident responses, regulatory-compliant reporting, and confident engagement with the board, leadership, and customers. CYGNVS also offers APIs to pull in data from your existing security tools. 

Single pane of glass

Enable teams to plan, practice, respond and report from one place, with the “table always set.” 

Coordinated response with multiple stakeholders

CYGNVS provides a secure, out-of-band, mobile friendly platform that enables rapid collaboration with internal team members and external providers. 

Access to real-time data 

Easily view details and status of response actions and workflows for reporting to leadership as well as compliant reporting; all steps are tracked and documented.   

Successfully resolve the incident and compliantly report

In the event of a cyber crisis, finance leaders and risk managers are charged with demonstrating due diligence around risk and response preparedness and quantifying the financial impact of a material incident. Equally important is having the ability to provide timely and accurate reports to customers and regulators, as well as navigating the cyber insurance claims process efficiently.  

Executive Dashboard enables cross functional communication and escalation paths 

Work within a single view of data, people, and incident response content to make timely business decisions.  

Reduce incident impact

Using a purpose-built platform like CYGNVS enable faster response with a more controlled resolution. 

Documented evidence for your insurer 

Access the necessary data to report to your insurer for claim coverage and easier renewal. 

Maintain privilege with secure communications 

During a cyber event, legal teams must keep all communications secure and compliant to ensure their clients are limiting their legal liability. CYGNVS provides a seamless, all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for legal teams to use multiple external tools to engage with their clients while maintaining privilege.  

Plan and practice in advance 

Securely store IR plans and perform tabletop exercises to strengthen cyber resilience and efficency ruing a response. Learn from previous practice to continully improve incident response plans. 

Protect privilege

Fine grained access controls let you decide who sees what when for both internal team members and external vendors.  CYGNVS provides separate areas for sensitive conversations. 

Audit trail for reporting

CYGNVS documents tasks and actions taken by all stakeholders during a response to accurately inform customers and regulators and provides  pre-built reports satisfying SEC requirements and those of over 70 jurisdictions. 

A defined strategy and solution to ensure minimal disruption from response activation to documentation   

During any organization crisis, whether it’s a cyberattack or a natural disaster, it’s critical to correctly manage internal and external communications, coordinate effectively across departments, maintain situational awareness and most important, minimize business disruption and prevent reputational harm. The CYGNVS solutions is a proven “out of band” cybersecurity solution that ensures all stakeholders are primed for incident management and each incident is documented to ensure accountability. 

Respond faster

Begin the response process with your team and resources already in place, and accountability already assigned.  

Securely collaborate with multiple stakeholders

Communicate out-of-band via audio, video or in-app messaging using your laptop or mobile devide from anywhere. 

Comprehensive response tracking for reporting 

Tasks, workflows and alerts are tracked via a single pane of glass for efficient response management; all actions are documented for compliant reporting to regulatory bodies. 

A solution designed for cyber resilience, crisis management and resolution

CYGNVS understands your need to collaborate with department directors and the executive team to implement plans to anticipate, address, and mitigate the effects of various business interruptions. Whether it’s for emergency management and response, crisis management or a cyber crisis, that means you’re responsible for operational recovery and delivery of service. The CYGNVS solution is designed to ensure you can effectively manage a crisis in real time for a successful outcome.

Executive dashboard 

Access a single view of data, people and incident response to make timely business decisions.  

Develop a readiness mindset and reduce incident impact 

Using the purpose-buit CYGNVS platform removes complexity so that your organization can respond faster and  with a more controlled and successful resolution.  

Access to real-time data 

Gain detailed visibility into response workflows for reporting to leadership and compliance reporting, with all steps tracked and documented.  

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CYGNVS Customer Stories

"When it comes to managing cyber threats, the interconnectedness of risk requires tight collaboration and communication among all parties in the cyber ecosystem. Our partnership with CYGNVS reflects our appetite to support innovation and expertise that strengthens the cyber insurance ecosystem and our ability to deliver a superior pre and post incident experience for our customers and partners."

Dan Trueman

Head of Global Cyber and Technology, Axis

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