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Isolate Mode

During a crisis, typical communication channels may be deemed untrustworthy. A secure, trusted enclave for communications and response is necessary. 

Isolate Mode, a patented feature of the CYGNVS Command Center, stops all communications to corporate channels and switches to backup forms of identity, captured and verified during a user’s registration process. Isolate Mode has many benefits for usability and security.

Isolate Mode

Dynamic Tenancy™

Thorough incident response will require the collaboration of multiple entities. This may include several participants from inside and outside your organization. 

Dynamic Tenancy,
a patented feature of the CYGNVS Command Center, allows you to focus on resolving your incident while your partner organizations and their employees are held accountable for the tasks and workflows assigned to them. The resulting granular access helps protect your organization with greater security and streamlines your incident response with simplified workflow and relationship management. Dynamic Tenancy has a myriad of benefits for both usability and security.

Dynamic Tenancy

Compliance Reporting

Staying compliant during a cyber crisis doesn’t have to be a battle in itself.  Simplify compliance reporting by integrating it as part of your incident response and be prepared no matter what comes your way. 

With new SEC rules mandating the disclosure of material cybersecurity incidents within four business days, public companies can’t afford to postpone crisis preparedness. CYGNVS comes pre-built with a library of reports for 50+ jurisdictions, allowing you to identify requirements across multiple jurisdictions. The CYGNVS Platforms’ compliance reporting capability takes the guesswork out of what information to provide to each regulatory  body, so you can save time and eliminate errors. 

Reporting 3

Who is CYGNVS for?

By being better prepared for a cyber crisis, CYGNVS benefits all stakeholders of an organization.


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